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Home Technology Solutions, Inc. is a not-for-profit personal emergency response dedicated toward individuals whose health is at risk. Read more >

Dear Friends [at Home Technology Solutions],

When my social worker told me that regardless of having diabetes, high blood pressure, and a history of falls, I thought (how wrong I was) that the doctors, pills, and checkups were all I needed.

I am a female, 73 years old, and I live alone. I have a wonderful caring son and daughter-in-law who live about 30 miles away. I am friends with all of my neighbors but I have always been very reluctant to depend on or burden anyone with my problems. I manage as best as I can.

It was quite a shock and surprise when last week I suddenly found myself shaking, light headed, and dizzy. I made my way to the living room using the walls for support. I began to feel very weak so I tried to make it over to the couch to rest awhile. I never made it. I tripped on the rug I had in the middle of the floor and fell to the floor. I landed on my left leg and I was in severe pain. I couldn't get to my feet nor could I crawl to the phone, which was on the other side of the room.
Luckily, for my sake I was wearing the personal help button that [HTS] gave me last week. I pressed the button that I wore around my neck and was immediately calmer and my panic was gone. In a few minutes, paramedics were in my house and soon after I was taken to Wesley hospital.

Having the [HTS] system, that I didn't want, saved my life! Without it I might have gone into shock and passed out and it would have been hours later that my neighbors or relatives would realize that I wasn't answering my phone and something was wrong.

I would strongly recommend [HTS] to everyone regardless of thinking as I originally did, that I did not need the alarm button. I was wrong.

Thank you,

*Sally Smith (subscribers name has been changed).


August 18, 2009

Dear Staff

Around 1:30 AM on Saturday morning the 15th of August my mother Mary Ann slipped off the bed and couldn’t get up. It was the first time she has had occasion to use her [HTS] button and you responded immediately. 4 neighbors rushed to her aid. I just want to personally thank you on behalf of all my brothers and myself for the peace of mind that small button affords us.

God Bless each & everyone of you for the service you provide


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