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Home Technology Solutions, Inc. is a not-for-profit personal emergency response dedicated toward individuals whose health is at risk. Read more >

Caring for a family member or friend isn't an easy task these days. Life's fast pace makes it harder to balance everyday commitments to work and family.

You want to be there as much as possible, yet studies have shown that hour after hour of continuous caregiving can lead to exhaustion and depression - and actually put your loved one at risk.

Today, family members aren't as likely to live nearby each other, so "sharing the caring" can be more difficult. Plus, the cost of paying someone to watch your mother, father, or other loved one can really add up, even if it's only for a short time.

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Persuading a Loved One to get Our Service
Once they have our service, people are always telling us they can't imagine living without it again. But until they've experienced the way our service makes them feel safer and more independent, they may not think that our service is for them. The truth is that the HTS personal emergency response service only changes life for the better. So before you talk with your loved one about HTS, we suggest you become familiar with facts that can help to persuade them to welcome the service into their home.

  • HTS Service is recommended by doctors, nurses and other professional caregivers They know even a minor fall or incident can have serious physical and psychological consequences if you can't get help in a hurry.
  • HTS Service shows your family that you care about them too. You'll be helping everyone who cares for you to feel better knowing everything is all right.
  • HTS Service is for living in your own home. The alternative to getting our service is often assisted living, a nursing home, or 24-hour care. A medical study showed that people using our service were ten times less likely to require admission to a nursing home!
  • HTS Service is a good idea even if you don't live alone. Accidents are unpredictable. You might need help when someone you live with is temporarily out of the house.
  • HTS Service is easy to live with. The Personal Help Button is very small, simple to use and won't interfere with your activities in any way.
  • HTS Service costs only about a dollar a day. So little to pay for your comfort and peace of mind... and far less than the cost of an occasional home aide or companion.
  • HTS Service is for everyday living. The HTS unit also includes many other features that make conversing with others more convenient.


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